Blues Traveler

Seventeen years after scoring the Grammy Award winning, harmonica laced Billboard Top Ten breakthrough hit that came to define pop music in the mid-90s, Blues Traveler are still finding unique ways to ensure that they don’t give their legion of worldwide fans the “Run-Around.” On their instantly infectious, musically expansive 11th studio album and 429 Records/SLG debut, Suzie Cracks The Whip, they remain creatively focused while dramatically expanding their musical horizons upon celebrating their 25th anniversary as a band.

John Popper (vocals, harmonica), Chan Kinchla (guitars), Tad Kinchla (bass), Ben Wilson (keyboards) and Brendan Hill (drums, percussion) had a blast working for the first time ever with a handful of dynamic outside songwriting collaborators and the powerhouse production team of Sam Hollander and Dave “Sluggo” Katz, aka S*A*M and Sluggo–who have worked their studio magic for everyone from rap rock band Gym Class Heroes to pop princess Katy Perry. …continue reading

Front Porch Revival

Ohio-based duo, Front Porch Revival brings to life the sounds of 1920s and 30s era Delta Blues music, covering artists like Robert Johnson, Charley Patton, and many more. In addition, they have crafted new songs true to that traditional vein.
With resophonic and flat-top guitars and in classic blues vocal style, Noah Shull takes you on a vintage journey through the rural south. Steve Frye adds the textured pulse with washboards and the cabbage case stomp. Both are seasoned musicians with an earthy and soulful grasp on the rich culture behind their art. Together, Noah and Steve produce an incredibly moving and rare experience. An honest interpretation of Blues, the way it was played, on the same instruments it was played on—a true Front Porch Revival.

Hadden Sayers

With deep Texas roots and a long career fraught with many trials, Hadden Sayers has found his voice. Sayers’ self-described “rehab for the soul” took place in Southern Ohio while rebuilding a shack with a retired stonemason named Conrad McCorkle.
This seasoned singer/songwriter wields a smooth guitar and blues-grizzled voice bound to rejuvenate your soul as well. Sayers has found a pure combination of blues, country, rockin’ honky tonk, great guitar picking, and solid songwriting.
Hadden Sayers delivers his music with the weathered maturity of a man who, as he says, “has done things the right way, and not the easy way.”

Hoodoo Soul Band

Started in 1995 as a side project for several seasoned veterans of
the Columbus music scene, the Hoo Doo Soul Band shows no signs of slowing down. Hoo Doo is well known for putting their own twist on the standards and introducing audiences to unfamiliar funky gems with style.
Face it, doing justice to a song made famous by Al Green or Earth, Wind and Fire is a daunting task, but the Hoodoo Soul Band manages to perform such classics with grace and plenty of joyful energy. The band has received Columbus Music Awards for both Best Cover Band and Best Live Performance. Whether the ensemble plays old R&B or some fine Latin rhythm, this is one of a handful of Columbus bands that manages to merge outstanding musicianship with all-out fun entertainment.

Paradise Island Band

A six-piece powerhouse dance band based out of Columbus, Ohio, the Paradise Island Band has been entertaining audiences throughout the Midwest for decades. Known for a crowd-pleasing diversity of styles, Paradise Island does it all. From rock classics to Motown melodies to blues, funk, and current hits, they play with a power and authenticity that guarantees a party whenever they perform.
Paradise Island features an incomparable line-up of some of the region’s best entertainers. During the summer months, Paradise Island performs at many outdoor concerts, festivals and resort sites like the Round House on Put-In-Bay. Corporate events, private parties, wedding receptions, and club gigs fill out the rest of their calendar, making them one of the “hardest working bands, in show business!”

The Tillers

The Tillers have come a long way from those earliest gigs for coins and burritos on the Cincinnati’s famous Ludlow Street. Their vintage repertoire includes songs older than their grandparents— from Woody Guthrie to anonymous relics of Appalachia and riverboat country. Featured in Tom Brokaw’s “American Character,” their original music is now a part of highway 50.
The Tillers’ signature “stomp and bite” treatment of these folk songs have become the preferred versions of Cincinnati locals. Described as “American Folk or old time depression music,” their timeless songs don’t just hearken back to an earlier time, they speak to a new generation of Americans. In addition to their stylings of old-time folk, The Tillers’ own original music moves through the vein of Delta blues, ‘30s-style jazz, and mountain gospel. Truly a rare treat!