Kaitlyn Baker

KaitlynBakerThere’s something very special about mountain soul. It’s not a geographical spot on a map; it’s a state of the heart. And it’s at the core of Kaitlyn Baker’s music. A proud native of Pound, Virginia, the young artist’s sound is an intriguing reflection of her small town roots infused with a youthful edge that places Baker in a league all her own.

Baker made her first public appearance in church when she was just seven years old singing “Down to the River to Pray.” The talented youngster soon became a popular regional artist, winning talent competitions and recording three independent albums before she turned 13.

Kaitlyn Baker’s foundation is honest, relatable music that is rooted in faith, family and life experience. She possesses a voice that wrings every drop of emotion from a lyric and a heart that wants to connect with people through music.

It’s a winning combination sure to take her far in the years ahead. “There’s not a better feeling in the world if you look out in the crowd and see somebody sing along with your songs,” she says. “It’s really all that I’ve ever done my entire life. I’ve never had a backup plan. I’ve always known that this is what I’m going to do.”

Baker’s forthcoming album, on Silvercreek Records, is a potent combination of sassy, empowering anthems and poignant slices of real life that resonate with country music lovers of all ages. Her music combines youthful enthusiasm with substantive lyrical content that takes the listener on a compelling journey. Like Dolly Parton, Patty Loveless, Loretta Lynn and other soulful mountain women before her, the 19-year-old singer/songwriter delivers songs that are heavily influenced by her Appalachian roots yet tap into emotions that are universal. After all, love, longing, regret and passion aren’t exclusive to any particular zip code.

Her debut song, “Burn”, is a well-crafted anthem that was inspired by one of Baker’s real life heroes. “It’s one of those songs that empower women,” she relates. “The song was inspired by my mamaw because she had a pretty rough life growing up. She got married at an early age and the song is basically talking about a woman who is with a guy who ends up cheating on her. Not only does she burn his things, she burns down the memories that they have and moves on with her life.”